Energy Balancing 

Intuitive Guidance

Contributes to: Tapping into Your Best Case Scenario, Ego Extraction, Clearer Thinking and Faster Realizations, Soul Resuscitation. Consider it a mini boot camp or Gym for your Soul

Chakra Balancing

Tuning of energy centers, with the focus on particular chakras that need extra recharging.

Energy Tuning by Homeopathy Principles

(Miniature dosages of energy. Because one can’t handle too much at a time)

There is a major energy work with all its intensity, and then there is a mini energy tune up, to introduce your system to higher vibrations in larger dosage. Introduction to energy balancing by various means, such as walk in the maze, energetically charged water, sound vibrational therapy, work with dodecahedron (see below), incense, and variety of techniques listed (and not listed) here.

Mini-EZMAC Tune-Up (unique Stress Release Method for fast meditation)

Leads to reaching a meditative state that usually takes much more time and effort by means of conventional meditative techniques. Easy to-do enjoyable exercises leading to fast stress release, clearing of thoughts, better sleep (resulting in feeling rested), feeling recharged, relaxed, and more productive during day. 

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Astral Runes Reading – Rune Reading in 5D (charged in energy vortex)

Energy Space Clearing (available in a range of forms)

Clear the energy of your home or business

Energy cleansing on seven layers:

Removes blocks, connects to a pure energy current, clears negative energy that accumulated from intentional negative wishes or from simply feeling angry, sad or stressed out; contributes to opening up things in life, such as new opportunities, leading to the best case scenarios and overall synchronicity and universal coordination of events to your advantage

Sound Vibrational Tuning

(Variety of Instruments charged in the energy vortex)

Balancing of your energy field to get tuned into your optimal flow on the deepest level, impacting your overall wellbeing.

Sacred Geometry Energy Purification


Special technique of clearing energy and balancing your field amplified by the special energy tool built upon golden section

Labyrinth Maze Tuning 

– Walk in the Energy Vortex

Amazing maze with each rock placed by the energy healer. Constantly recharged with the new updated refined vibrations. Commonly reported side effects: Unexplainable feeling of joy, clarity of thoughts, overall relaxation, feeling rested and recharged at the same time

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Water Charged to Clear Space / Personal Aura

General purification and Custom Made Programs (considering one’s individual data, particular situations, issues)

Water is charged energetically, with the help of musical vibrations, sacred geometry, energy vortex (labyrinth maze), and essential oils – as applies to each individual case

DNA Energy Tuning – by means of:

Chakra Balancing, Utilizing Ego Extraction Method, Sound Vibrations, Incense burning +

Most of the above listed services are donation based. Please contact for more info

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