What is meditation to you?

“When used as a means of escape, meditation is no better than a drug.”

~ Anouk EZMAC

Ask yourself:

What is the point of practicing yoga, meditation, tai chi, qi gong, or whatever spiritual practice, etc ?

Answers may vary for different people, but my answer is:

It is to obtain peace and balance and clarity necessary to cope with the difficulties and to more or less successfully function in the world.

However, in the process, one can get side-tracked and get pulled into all those good feelings and wonderful sensations coming from all those practices. Listed and not listed above.

And then you feel tempted to get drifted away from the reality. From your life’s routine, duties, mundane things you gotta do. Responsibilities for the sake of handling which you got into those practices.

And so, your kid needs your help. Your spouse needs you to run some errands. Your parents might need a ride to a doctor.

But you are not available. You’re meditating. And you don’t want to get out of that beautiful worry free serene zip code and dive into reality with all the things that irritate, frustrate, stress, and get on your nerves.

And as hard as it is, you gotta accept that contrast. Between the serene enlightening feeling during meditation and maybe not the most fantastic sensations evoked by all things you might experience just by simply being in public, let alone by having to deal with stressful situations at work or a difficult situation at home.

But. If you advance further in your growth, you will carry on your beautiful feelings and let them shine even when you enter darker places. For all others to see. This is something that children do, often clueless of their environment, they never fail to bring light wherever they go with their mere innocent smile or just with their curious look or a simple genuine heartwarming Hi!

That often makes a day better, and sometimes even makes you feel a little differently about life.

So. Take your good feelings and realizations and a beautiful state of mind produced during meditation and bring them into the world, share with others by applying to daily life routine.

Yeah. They might not remain as shiny and sparkly. And yeah. Your energy might get bumps and dents here and there. But. So is the children’s energy. They filter through themselves all the crap in their environment. But give away all the good, nonetheless. They give of themselves.

So. Just as kids. Don’t think. Just be. Just give. Just share.

And don’t obsess about always being in the state of bliss all the time.


Dialogue between me and a person experiencing meditation and maze for the first time:

Me: Do you meditate?

Person: No. Never did! But always wanted to learn.

Me: Do you have any thoughts in your head right now?

Person: Yes! Right now and all the time.

Me: Do you want those thoughts to stop?

Person: Yes! But I don’t see how it’s possible.

After a few minutes of EZMAC.

Me: Do you still have any thoughts in your head?

Person: No, I dont have any…

Me: Have you ever felt this way before?

Person: Not that I can recall

Seems too easy and too good to be true? Come experience it for yourself 🙂

Nirvana. What it is and what it is NOT

Misconceived, misinterpreted, let alone overused, a notion of “nirvana” – as described by one of the most enlightened spiritual leaders in Russia — Elena Rerich

“A person’s transformation into his divine state of being does not necessarily imply his abandonment of the world or earthly reality, nor does it suggest submerging into the state of a certain extinguishing or freezing of all the life’s manifestations. This is how nirvana was understood at some point by the first European researchers of Buddhist philosophies, as they did not attain the true meaning of this very profound concept. … Books of Agni Yoga reveal the true philosophical meaning behind the notion of nirvana; it is contained not in the transcendental serenity, tranquility or quietude, but in a certain special kind of focus or concentration of one’s individual spiritual potential, in the unfolding of his inner creative potential …

“If a so called state of nirvana is not tranquility but is the energy at its highest level of intensity, then one can ask — does tranquility exist at all?…Indeed how can you imagine tranquility, when everything is in motion and exists of movement? The concept of tranquility itself is invented by those who were trying to hide from existence. … One should think not of tranquility,but of the ways to sustain their balance in the midst of life’s turmoil and turbulences (Infinity, p. 260)”

Fragment from “Path to Shambala”

p. 269-270