About KATYA:

ENERGY HEALER. Astral Traveler. SOUL RESUSCITATION. Energy Custodian. INTUITIVE COACH. Co-Creator of EZMAC (Easy Mind @ Calm) – a unique harmonizing stress release method


Katya is a unique healer and a born (not learned) astral traveler from Russia who provides intuitive guidance to those who seek real help. Without putting on any shows or special effects. 😉

She is connected to a pure source of energy and information, and as one very wise Hawaiian woman referred to her, is a crystal chalice of energy.

Katya tries to steer clear of labels such as psychic, channel, clairvoyant, or extrasensory abilities, even though all of the above are to some degree applicable in her work. Just with her presence and being, she’s been purifying energy around her, which often (if not always) involves filtering negativity and invisible blocks and impurities that are in her environment.

This is something she does not apply any conscious effort for, and it happens by itself. Which, as a rule, leads to everyone around her feeling better, happier, and more uplifted. This is, by the way, one of the marks of how to tell a real energy healer from the ‘fake’ one. It is often determined by how you feel in the presence of that person.

What usually happens as a result of Katya’s work is that things open up spontaneously, your overall wellbeing improves, problems seem to get solved by themselves, new directions open up, and you feel light-hearted, hopeful, and happy for no apparent reason.

Energy work also leads to your whole system getting rebooted, with the body reaching its optimal energy flow and mode of operation.

Many have also observed tapping into so called best case scenarios, with things (like timing and events) getting coordinated to their advantage.

Energy healing is unexplainable.

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